commission testimonials

a rat holding up a stack of papers, with a rat giving a thumbs-up visible on the first one

Here are some reviews from people I've worked with!

I recommend Eon as highly as possible! When I first asked for art of my rats, they worked with me very patiently to help me figure out exactly what I wanted. They were incredibly responsive and updated me consistently with sketches. I really appreciated them checking in with me and keeping me updated! The process itself was fantastic, and moreover, I’m obsessed with how the art turned out. Eon has such a cool style and their talent is evident in everything they post — I’m excited to bring a piece of that to my walls :)

Megan (@_elleski on Twitter)

Commissioning eon has been a fantastic experience. The active communication and drive to do anything possible to improve makes them amazing to work with! I requested SVG files and eon happily obliged while offering to aid in modifying them for my needs. I could not recommend anyone else when it comes to anything rat related. I'll be back for more rat commissions!!!

Ranu (@LynxSfw on Twitter)

Eon is an absolute pleasure to work with! They were very communicative and asked great follow up questions during the proposal to make sure we were on the same page. I was provided updates regularly, and Eon was extremely receptive to feedback. They gave an estimated timeframe that the work would be finished by, and the art was completed on schedule! The experience was very polite and professional from start to finish. Eon truly exceeded my expectations - I highly recommend!

Dyson (@ringtailing on Twitter)

Working with Eon was such an enjoyable experience! They were quick to respond, and communication throughout the process was fantastic. They managed to capture a bit of my late rat in my logo/icon, which is truly a gift I’ll cherish for ages! Eon also went above and beyond to make sure I had a version I was happy with and can use for different things in the future. I’ll definitely be back for more!

Sarah (@packratdice on Instagram)

Eon is one of the most pleasant people to work with. They do their work efficiently and thoroughly. They know what I want even if I just described it and have made amazing emotes for my twitch channel. They also aid you in modifying anything so their outputs would work best to where you need the output. They also think ahead to things that you haven't considered so working with them has been an amazing experience. Their art is also unique and expressive and it is so nice to look at! I highly recommend Eon for your stuff, they are amazing! ❤️

Kaz (itsAzeleia on Twitch)

Eon was so amazing to work with. I approached them about drawing my skinny pigs, they usually draw rats but were so willing and excited to draw my boys. They sent me sketch updates every few days and guided me when I couldn’t find the exact wording for what I wanted. The art Eon created for me was better than I ever could’ve imagined. Their style is so unique, I adore it. Eon is also such a genuinely kind human being and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them for anything art/rodent related :,)

Zoe (@zoepilled on Twitter)

eon was fantastic to work with. I commissioned a really big, detailed piece. They got really excited about it and were totally on board. Almost every day they would send me updated photos, and were happy to make changes or modifications as needed. I felt really listened to throughout the whole commission process. I would highly recommend eon for any rat-related artwork!

aminowrimo (@aminowrimo on Twitter)

Eon was helpful and professional the entire time and their art is fantastic. I got exactly what I wanted for my company logo. They even cleaned up the original image I provided and improved upon it. They got everything done quickly and I was consulted where my input was needed. The artwork is neat and clean, and the details are all there. 111/10 would recommend.


Eon was a great joy to create a small little idea in my head and make it a reality, they were very helpful through the entire process and overall, I'm satisfied with the product and with the service I was provided! Each of my 3 commissions were walked through step by step, and made sure that the pet rat was comfortable and well maintained with useful incite to how to maintain a rat included with my commission! honestly i hope Eon used my money to get some bread, because this commission was well worth it.


I absolutely adore the art eon produced for me. One of their existing pieces reminded me strongly of our beautiful heart rat Storm, and they agreed to do a recolour to match her. Even though it was a small project, they obviously put their heart into it and never made me feel like it was anything other than a priority. The price was entirely fair and reasonable, and I am delighted with the results. Highly recommended, and their art style is so adorable.


Eon was amazing to work with and the art is fantastic. They were a pleasure to commission and were extremely helpful throughout the whole process. My ideas were brought to life perfectly and I was blown away at how detailed and creative the designs were. I would wholeheartedly recommend Eon to anyone and I am extremely happy with the way the art turned out!


Eon was such a kind and patient artist to work with. They made sure to ask me the right questions regarding my commission to ensure I was satisfied, and the result was absolutely perfect and everything I had imagined! I can't wait to use their art as my business icon and would definitely recommend working with them for your next project.


Commissioning Eon was a really pleasant experience. Not only are they really nice and easy to talk to, but their style is really cute and visually appealing. I had approached them with a vague idea in mind and by the end we were having a ton of fun making a couple of additions I was really happy with. I really really recommend commissioning them and checking them out!! If you don't, I'll haunt you. /srs ✨

Dream (@purgatorydreams on Twitter)

eon was an absolute joy to commission. they were so nice and polite throughout the entire process, and did a fantastic job capturing some key details of my late rat ruby that i wanted to make sure were included, as well as some i hadn’t even thought of! they were quicker than anticipated, and gave me continuous updates throughout the entire process. they also asked plenty of questions to make sure i got exactly what i wanted and went above and beyond to give me a piece that i absolutely adore. i am so so so happy with the final product, and i know i chose the right person to capture my girls angry face and squinty eye. i cannot recommend them enough!

allie (@emptyxhead on Twitter)

Working with Eon is a dream. If you wish a rat to be drawn, they’re your artist!

Sonja (@novemberalice on Twitter)

Commissioning eon was a great experience, I cannot recommend them enough. When I approached them about commissioning icons for all of my girls I only had a very vague idea of what I wanted, they worked with me to talk about their personalities and really get to know the girls before suggesting different ideas on how to really capture them. They sent lots of sketches during the process and were quick making any changes I had, even when I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted changed they were their to bounce ideas off of. The communication was very fast and helpful, I really liked being kept up to date on all the changes and updates. The final drawings were absolutely fantastic, and I am actually planning on returning to have my other 6 girls commissioned too! 10/10 recommend <3

@ohyouprettyrats on Instagram

eon is very good artist and draws fast and VERY VERY Nice! Love them and definitely commissioning them in future

TheMightyPikachu (@TheMightyPika on Twitter)

Eon is absolutely fantastic! They took their time to get to know the subject (my rattos in their favourite hammock) and absolutely perfectly captured the essence of the scene. Eon involved me in every step of the process to make sure that the result turns out absolutely perfect. I am more than happy with the outcome. The entire process was a joy from beginning to end. I fully recommend Eon for your rat (and other) artsy needs! Won’t have been my last commission with Eon!

The Pied Piper of Vienna (@PiedPiperVienna on Twitter)

Highly recommend! Always eager to send in wips and make sure everything is good as well as offering good suggestions for when questions of style came up. Eager to get proper answers to make sure there were no concerns or issues on my end. A friendly a fun experience and soon the rats shall swarm adorably!

Faclan (@Faclan6 on Twitter)

I recommend eon for commissions anytime, they are very helpful and sweet and super easy to talk to.

Toasty (@GirlToasty on Twitter)

Ordering a commission from Eon was a super smooth and enjoyable process. They have great communication and customer service, making sure everything was to my liking every step of the way, as well as they are a talented artist and entrepreneur. I would highly recommend ordering a commission from them if you are considering :)

Kathrarg (@Kathrarg on Twitter)

Eon was amazing with my commission! Communication was so clear and constant updates were provided, the drawing looks just like my rat and I would definitely recommend them!! So happy with the final product and will definitely be commissioning again


Working with Eon was a lovely experience. They were easy to work with, and provided constant WIPs on the progress of the commission. I knew exactly what I was going to get with no unexpected surprises at the end of it with the piece turning out wonderfully!

Enzo Leon